Adult Education

Contact Susana Manriquez, Plaza Comunitaria Program Administrator, 253-499-4245 Ext. 6101 (Kent) or email to enroll in any of these education programs for adults:
  • Literacy
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GED
  • 21+ (High School Diploma)
  • English
  • Computer
  • Leadership Program for Parents/Guardians


Graduating is a significant accomplishment. Many Centro Rendu students come from dire poverty, attend classes after work hours, began learning how to read and make personal sacrifices to be able to complete the course work and earn a certificate.


Centro Rendu students gradually develop the confidence to take on more challenging educational opportunities and have become more engaged in their communities. These investments often started with a commitment to attend literacy classes on a regular basis.


Centro Rendu is a bridge, a place of trust, a grassroots program that’s all about education for individuals and families.