Parent Ambassadors

PAM Mission:

Integrate, recruit, enhance and increase leadership skills on the Hispanic/Latino families so they become more involved within their catholic school.

PAM Vision:

Provide every Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Seattle with an authentic family engagement experience

PAM Program Components:

The Parent Ambassador Model (PAM) is a program intended to help local Catholic schools welcome, train, mentor, and serve cultural communities, especially the growing Hispanic/Latino community throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle.

  • Provide a framework for school and parish leadership on how to invite and engage underrepresented cultural or ethnic communities into our Catholic schools.
  • Trainings for PAM members that help develop and strengthen literacy and parenting skills, as well as develop servant leadership.
  • Organize Parents who have their children in Catholic schools
    • Prepare them to be part of the enrollment team
    • Invite, connect and bond with community members through compelling messaging about Catholic schools
    • Follow up on the progress of the parents with whom PAM members have been in contact.


  • Cultural events
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Access to Catholic Education
  • Opportunities to serve with the community in need
    • Vincentian Ministry
  • Groups Support for parents
  • Access to services and workshops offered by Centro Rendu
    • English classes
    • GED
    • Basic Education courses
    • Many others more!