EMS Program

The EMS program provides culturally relevant access to wellness, risk and preventative health information through specific trainings dedicated for our Latino community.

The EMS program is broken down into three main areas:


The Community Leader Navigators are trained within the EMS system as educators. They conduct EMS workshops to bring awareness to the Latino community about health prevention topics and resources.


Workshops Topics Include:

Arterial hypertension

  • Stroke
  • Calling 911
  • Fall Prevention
  • CPR
  • Diabetes


Working together is a key element when building a relationship between local agencies, EMS and the community.

Some of our partners include King County UVisa, National Health Workforce Account (NHWA), Renton Police Department, Puget Sound Regional Fire Department, Neighborhood House, Molina Health Care, Renton Technical College, Community Navigators, and more.

We continue to build relationships with local firefighters, as well as other medical professionals, in order to facilitate accurate and reliable information fthrough our EMS programs.

EMS Workforce:

Centro Rendu EMS provides workshops for youth with the goal of giving guidance and resources to help them build a better future. These workshops create opportunities for people to connect with local organizations that provide professional resources and work opportunities.

For more information about workshops, outreach events, or CPR training, contact Centro Rendu at (253) 499-4245.